Group Picture December 2014

Principal Investigator

M.Y. El-Naggar
Assistant Professor of Physics, Biological Sciences, and Chemistry
University of Southern California
Seaver Science Center (SSC) 215C
920 Bloom Walk
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0484

E-mail: mnaggar [at] usc [dot] edu
Tel: (213) 740-2394
Fax: (213) 740-6653

Postdoctoral Scientists

Matt Xu - picture soon

Brandi Reese - picture soon

Graduate Students

Sahand Pirbadian
PhD student (Charge transfer in proteins)

Yamini Jangir
PhD student (Energy conversion in microbial systems, fluorescent proteins)

Ian McFarlane
PhD student (Biological synthesis of nanomaterials)

Benjamin Gross
PhD student (Microbial Fuel Cells and extracellular electron transfer)

Hyesuk Byun
PhD student (Biofilm growth and characterization, fluorescent imaging)

Undergraduate Students

Brian Zukotynski

Michael Qian

James Lu

Previous Members

Dr. Edmond Leung
(now at University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Tom Yuzvinsky (now at UC Santa Cruz)

Julia Lazzari-Dean (In situ analysis of microbe-nanomaterial interactions. Now at UC Berkeley)
B.S. Chemistry, USC

Thomas Kahn (Microbial Fuel Cells, 2009-2011. Now at Columbia University)
B.S. Biochemistry & Biophysics, USC

Jack Peace (Carbon nanotube enhanced electroporation of bacteria, 2010-2011. Now at University of Chicago)
Pre-med, USC

Prospective PhD Students: Students at USC interested in joining the lab should e-mail Prof. El-Naggar directly. If you’re applying to the graduate program at USC, please follow the instructions here, and indicate your interest in joining El-Naggar group. Our lab is housed at the Seaver Science Center, within the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Our work is very interdisciplinary, and we welcome students and postdoctoral researchers from many different backgrounds:

* Physics, Applied Physics, Biophysics
* Microbiology, Molecular Biology
* Engineering (Bio, Biomedical, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, & Materials Science)
* Chemistry & Biochemistry